How This Started and My Hope For This Experiment

My Husband and I are both big fans of Jamie Oliver. For Christmas I bought him Jamie's cookbook "Jamie's 30 Minute Meals: A Revolutionary Approach to Cooking Good Food Fast". As I read the preface of his cookbook I was inspired by his ideas. He felt that he was spending too much time cooking during the busy week and doing too much clean up. So he decided that for the week night meals there needed to be something quick and still healthy and yummy. He and his team did a lot of work and made the "30 Minute Meals". He has explicit directions for step by step getting the meal done in 30 min. He tells you what to do first, second, and third so that you have all dishes going at the same time, instead of making it dish by dish. Since we aren't doing once a month cooking right now I was captured by this idea and dying to start trying. I have been spending way too much time in the kitchen during the week and can't wait to be able to prepare good meals fast. My husband was all for it since he loves to eat great food and has a very particular palette. He will be making some of the meals on weekends when he isn't working because, this is after all, his cookbook :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Smoky Haddock Corn Chowder, Spiced Tiger Prawns, Rainbow Salad, Raspberry & Elderflower Slushie

Smoky Haddock Corn Chowder, Spiced Tiger Prawns, Rainbow Salad, Raspberry & Elderflower Slushie p. 164 I made this meal on a cold day and boy did it hit the spot. We LOVED it. This is the dressing for the salad. It was quite fantastic and very creamy unlike most of the dressings we make around here. The nice thing is that what makes it creamy is yogurt-so it is healthy and can be as low-fat as you want it. It is made with red chili, garlic, tarragon, red wine vinegar, yogurt and a lug of olive oil-seasoned with salt and pepper.

The salad was quite plain but you wouldn't know it because the dressing had so much flavor. It all went perfectly together. It was grated beetroot, courgettes, carrots and sprinkled with watercress. Very good!

These little guys had the most amazing spice combination on them. They are really quite good, and they look fantastic as a garnish for the seafood chowder. The problem with them is that they take so much work and you get so little from them. I would rather have shrimp that are shelled and de-veined for practical purposes and serve these on the side when you have guests. The kids finally started doing there own at the end but at first they wanted ME to peel each one and de-vein them etc... and when you are doing that for the whole table it is just too much work.
The spices produced such a unique flavor. We have used them before to "put another shrimp on the barbie" and that was good, but it was even better in the oven where they could sit in the butter as well. He (Jamie) uses a knob of butter, fresh thyme, cayenne pepper, ground cinnamon, Garlic, red chili, and 1/2 a lemon. YUMMY!
Here is the smoky haddock corn chowder: this was a great chowder and the only complaint from G was that there wasn't quite enough cream in it. I figured out that I had doubled everything but the cream and then decided not to add more because of the fat content. So if you are feeling indulgent go for the full 150ml's and if not then you can 1/2 it and it will still be great. The fish in here is not haddock because they don't have that here so instead I used smoked warehou (I think that is how you spell it). I think I would have liked the haddock better or tarakihi.

Here is the close up where you can see the potatoes, corn, thyme, shrimp, fish and broth. What you can't see is that he makes the broth with 4 rashers of streaky bacon, spring onions, bay leaves, thyme, chicken stock and cream.

This is the berry slushie. It is made from raspberries, soda water, elderflower cordial, ice and a few sprigs of fresh mint. The kids and G LOVED this drink. They each had several glasses. I thought it was good, but since I don't care for carbonation I just had a little and saved the rest for them. Garrett though it was so good he would like to take a pitcher to work and serve to the matte artists :) Elderflower cordial was new to me and it was wonderful. I would love to find other things to put it in. It has a nice herby taste. Very unique-
This meal took me an hour to make because I don't have a grater on my food processor and a few other shortcuts that Jamie uses to speed things up. It was given a 9 by G and I and a 10 by the kids. We will definitely be making this meal again, but serving it with some nice big crusty bread instead of crackers. This kind of chowder would be wonderful in a bread bowl.


  1. Hello. The prawns sound yummy! How long do they need to be in the oven (grilled or normal oven) and at what temperature?


  2. Johannes, Thank you for visiting my blog. I am in transition right now moving overseas and do not have access to the cookbook right now to give you an exact answer. But you can just pop them in your oven under the grill and watch them carefully. You want them to turn from their grey color to a bright pink/orange color like in the picture. Sorry I don't have the exact information for you. I did find one link online with the video of the recipe but it wouldn't play in my area. Maybe it would work for you though. Give it a try. Good luck. I hope it turns out wonderful for you.

  3. where can u get elderflower in Ireland I cant find it anywhere???!!!:)

    1. I wonder if any of my readers know the answer to this question? I wish I knew but unfortunately I have never been to Ireland. One day :)

      In the mean time does anyone else know the answer?